Set Descending Direction
  1. Blue Sequin Cowboy Hat Blue LED Light Up Brim
    Blue Sequin Cowboy Hat with Blue LED Brim

    ITEM NO: 11832-BL

    As low as $7.34
  2. Blue LED Light Up Mardi Gras Bead Necklace
    Electric Blue Mardi Gras Lights LED Beads

    ITEM NO: 12009-BL

    As low as $2.64
  3. Blue Light Up EL Wire Glow Aviator Sunglasses
    Boogie Blue EL "Neon Nights" Aviator Club Shades

    ITEM NO: 12105-BL

    As low as $9.59
  4. Model wearing Blue Light Up Cat Ear LED Headband
    Blue LED "Starlight Kitty" Ears Cat Headband

    ITEM NO: 12282-BL

    As low as $2.79
  5. Hand model displaying Blue Light Up Impact Activated LED Ball
    1.5" Blinky Blue Rubber Bounce Ball, Impact Activated LED

    ITEM NO: 12152-BL

    As low as $2.29
  6. Bounce Activated Blue LED Light Up Ball
    4" Super Sized Air Blue Bounce Ball with Flashing LEDs

    ITEM NO: 11495-BL

    As low as $3.44
  7. LED Light Up Blue Paw Print Charm Necklace
    Light Up Blue Paw Print Charm Necklace

    ITEM NO: 11532-BL

    As low as $1.94
Set Descending Direction

Blue was the last LED to be invented and is considered one of the rarest LEDs. Luckily here are FBL we have plenty of blue light up products. Choose from LED Jewelry, Headwear, Decor & More. Our selection is growing so please check back often...