Outer Space

Outer Space
Set Descending Direction
  1. Spinning LED Light Up Star Wand
    Magic Spinning Stars Light Wand

    ITEM NO: 11266

    As low as $4.34
  2. Light Up Starburst Infinity LED Necklace
    Starburst Lights LED Infinity Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12370-MLT

    As low as $2.14
  3. Light Up Blue Star Head Boppers
    Light Up Blue Star Head Boppers

    ITEM NO: 11024

    As low as $2.94
  4. Female displaying Tinsel Light Up Halo Crown Headband
    Tinsel Light Up Halo Crown Headband

    ITEM NO: 12341-MLT

    As low as $3.84
  5. Assorted Color Light Up Star LED Glasses
    Assorted Color Flashing LED Star Shaped Glasses

    ITEM NO: 11326-AST

    As low as $3.19
  6. Multicolor Light Up Impact Activated LED Ball
    1.5" Multicolor LED Bounce Ball, Impact Activated LED

    ITEM NO: 12152-MLT

    As low as $2.59
  7. Light Up Magic Prism LED Toy Saber
    Magic Prism Light Up Sabers LED Swords

    ITEM NO: 10861

    As low as $3.14
  8. Green LED Light Up Sound Reactive Party Shades
    Sound Activated Lights Green Party Shades, 80s Style

    ITEM NO: 11981-GN

    As low as $2.44
Set Descending Direction

3! 2! 1! BLAST OFF with FBL's fun LED Outer Space Party Supplies! Birthday parties for boys are a huge hit when you pass out Space Themed Party Favors. Space Age Light Ups make great gifts for UFO enthusiasts & sci fi fans alike. FlashingBlinkyLights carries everything from fun Alien themed necklaces and body lights to futuristic light up toys and more! With FBL entertaining your party guests, your future's so bright, you gotta wear shades! Our selection is growing so please check back often...