Steady Light LEDs

Steady Light LEDs
Set Descending Direction
  1. Female model wearing Purple LED Starlight Cat Ear Headband
    Starlight Kitty Ears, LED Purple Cat Ear Headbands

    ITEM NO: 12282-PR

    As low as $2.79
  2. Light Up Orange LED Patrol Wand
    Flashing Orange Lights Patrol Wand on Breakaway Lanyard

    ITEM NO: 10227-OR

    As low as $1.54
  3. Light Up Candy Cane Christmas LED Toy Saber
    Candy Cane Light Sword Christmas Saber

    ITEM NO: 12429

    As low as $3.44
  4. Model wearing Blue Light Up Cat Ear LED Headband
    Blue LED "Starlight Kitty" Ears Cat Headband

    ITEM NO: 12282-BL

    As low as $2.79
  5. LED Pink Light Up Devil Horns
    Hot Pink Devils Horns with LEDs

    ITEM NO: 11440-PK

    As low as $1.34
Set Descending Direction
You can never shine too bright. LED Steady Light glows for hours! Bring your Steady Lighting Stick to concerts, rallies and sports events! Submersible LED Lights shine softly, making them the perfect accessory for floral arrangements and party decorations. Check back often for new light up products.