Light Up Cubes

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  1. Multicolor LED Light Up Ice Cubes
    Inspiration Ice Cube Multicolor Lights

    ITEM NO: 11463-MLT

    As low as $1.94
  2. 300
    Inspiration Ice Cube Red Lights, Patent #D650,121

    ITEM NO: 11463-RD

    As low as $1.94
  3. Orange LED Inspiration Light Up Ice Cube
    Inspiration Ice Cube Orange Lights, Patent #D650,121

    ITEM NO: 11463-OR

    As low as $1.94
  4. White Light Up Ice Cubes
    Hollywood Ice White Light Up Ice Cubes, Patent #D552,633S

    ITEM NO: 12065-WT

    As low as $1.94
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FBL stocks a variety of light up cubes. LED Cube decorations are great for making cool art deco centerpieces and eye catching displays while the LED Furniture cube can be used as a Light Up Table or as a cool color changing stool. Then there is everyone's favorite, Light Up LED Ice Cubes- toss these babies in drinks for an instant party! Our selection is growing so please check back often...