Add An LED Heart For An Easy Valentines Craft!

Welcome back, crafty critters.  For an über fast & easy Valentines craft with students, your own children, or your grown-up self, just add an LED Heart to it!  This is actually great for year-round  thank you gifts & love notes.  We’ve got a sweet assortment of LED heart products to wear out on date night, to dress up your ladies at bachelorette parties, or to give as gifts on Valentine’s Day, and this year we’re getting crafty with them.

The “Perfect 10” LED Heart is one of our best selling Body Lights.  Chasing lights outline each side of the heart in unison – it’s a cool kind of flash; think Vegas style.  Thanks to its safety pin back, you can stick it to anything with a pierce-able surface.  It’s not just a lapel pin ya know:

* Photobomb by yours truly.

Check out this party favor bag I accentuated with our less flashy, more sloooow-color-change Aurora Heart Pin.  Attach a Fiber Optic Light Bow for extra “ooooo”s and “aaahhh”s!  Too cute, too easy, and full of candy – yum yum:

The Acrylic Heart Necklace is my favorite LED Heart to wear – oh yes, wearables, that’s our specialty.  Ain’t she a beaut?  Also a lovely model to display our charming Light Jewelry.  This one shines a bright, steady red glow, no movement to the light, but if blinks and cool color change is more your style, don’t forget to check out this Rainbow Heart LED Necklace.  Fabulous!

Stay tuned for our next St. Patrick’s Day episode.

‘Til next time, light lovers…


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki