Make A DIY Bouquet Full Of LED Lights!


Now where my ladies at?!             This DIY bouquet light craft is dedicated to all funky brides who think outside the box.  Whether it’s elegant night time nuptials you’re planning, or a wacky tacky Vegas wedding (yes that’s exactly what’s happening to the right, hellooooo match made in Heaven!), a DIY bouquet full of LED lights is going to wOw your wedding guests like nothing else, and boy was it easy on the pocketbook.

My DIY bouquet is used with our little rainbow LEDs made specifically for arts & crafts.  I’ve seen them put in hair, sewn into clothes, glued into & onto holiday decorations, basically you name it & it can be done with these little babies.  Need I remind you they magically & ever-so-slowly change color?  True story.  Look just how whimsical & dreamy:


BRIGHT IDEA before we begin:                                                       Those working with floral arrangements at flower shops have GOT to try this for high school prom season.  Homecoming season too; any high school dance.  DIY light up corsages & LED boutonnieres!  What a show stopper.  Righty-o, and away we go…


STEP 1 – Start at a bargain store before paying full price for silk flowers.  Bargain dollar stores have pretty good lookin’ fake flowers!  Just requires patience sorting through them.  White petal flowers will give you the best results every time; really lets those vibrant colors shine through…

STEP 2 – Loosely hold your flower bunches together, arrange the wire stems to your liking so it all “flows”, then hot glue inside & around the stems.  Hot glue your lil’ heart out!  You can bind it all together with duct tape too.  Nevermind the messy, for you’ll just cover it all up with pretty ribbon.


STEP 3 – Cover it all up with pretty ribbon!  Put a drop of hot glue where you begin the wrap, let dry then continue all the way down, keeping the wrap tight & smooth.  Add a dab of hot glue at the end to secure.


STEP 4 – Unwrap your FBL LEDs & plant 1 inside each flower.  If you want to re-use your LEDs on future crafts, you can attach lights temporarily with bits of chopped up velcro!  Or if your DIY bouquet is a permanent fixture, use 1 tidy drop of hot glue down in the center of each bloom.  Easy!  Just takes patience: 

Thanks for stopping by & hope you’ll join us again, hey, bookmark our blog!  😀  So many crafty ideas brewing up in this light brain of mine & I’m excited to share more with you…

‘Til next time, light lovers ~                                                                                                      ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki