Other LED Wearables

Set Descending Direction
  1. Orange El Glow Wire Light Up Aviator Sunglasses
    "Neon Nights" Outrageous Orange EL Wire Aviator Shades

    ITEM NO: 12105-OR

    As low as $9.59
  2. Woman displaying Light Up Sparkle Iridescent LED Pom Ears
    Still-Light Sparkle Iridescent Pom Ears

    ITEM NO: 12457

    As low as $3.29
  3. Light Up Tinsel Pom Pom Headband
    Blinky Tinsel Pom Ears Headband

    ITEM NO: 12335-MLT

    As low as $3.34
  4. Light Up Multicolor Soft Cat Ears LED Headband
    Multicolor Lights Soft Cat Ears Headband

    ITEM NO: 12351-MLT

    As low as $4.04
Set Descending Direction

Light up costume accessories are the perfect finishing touch! Light Up Wings and LED Wands make fairy princesses even more magical, while Light Swords are great for any jedi warrior or pirate. With light up devil horns, led bunny ears, flashing wigs and so much more you are sure to find just what you need to complete your costume. Be sure to check back often as we are always adding new items!

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