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  1. LED Big Pumpkin Light Up String Necklace
    Big Pumpkin Light Bulbs Halloween Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12251-OR

    As low as $2.74
  2. Light Up Little Pumpkin Charms LED Necklace
    Little Light Charms Pumpkin Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12428

    As low as $2.49
  3. Orange LED Light Up Pumpkin Charm Necklace
    LED Pumpkin Charm Necklace, "Neon Look"

    ITEM NO: 12053-PUMK

    As low as $2.24
  4. Light Up Pumpkin Head LED Boppers
    Light Up Pumpkin Head Boppers

    ITEM NO: 11025

    As low as $2.29
  5. Light Up Pumpkin LED Sunglasses
    Light Up Orange Pumpkin Shades for Halloween

    ITEM NO: 11364

    As low as $3.09
  6. Light Up Pumpkin LED Pin Necklace
    Pumpkin Flashing Body Lights

    ITEM NO: 10864

    As low as $1.44
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Oh the great pumpkin, a symbol of Halloween for all times- we decorate with them, we carve them into Jack O'Lanterns and now FBL has tons of pumpkin light up products! Use our Color Changing Pumpkin to add a little pizzazz to your Halloween Decorations, give our Pumpkin Wands to all the kiddos in the neighborhood instead of candy or accessorize your All Hallow's Eve outfit with Pumpkin Rings and Necklaces.

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