Tricks & Treats

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  1. Girl displaying Light Up Pumpkin Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Bag
    LED Pumpkin Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Bag

    ITEM NO: 11931

    As low as $3.54
  2. Pumpkin Face Light Up Fiver Optic LED Toy Wand
    Pumpkin Face LED Wand with Flashing Fiber Optics

    ITEM NO: 11524

    As low as $1.74
  3. Assorted Light Up Fiber Optic Halloween Wands
    Flashing Fiber Optic Halloween Wands (Assorted)

    ITEM NO: 10842

    As low as $2.04
  4. Model displays a close up of the Slow Color Change LED Soft Bubble Rings
    Slow Color Change LED Soft Bubble Rings

    ITEM NO: 11520

    As low as $1.14
Set Descending Direction

If you don't want to give out candy to the kids in your neighborhood try these delightful frightful light up novelties! As an added bonus the flashing lights make kiddos noticeable and keep them safe on those dark nights of trick or treating. Or fill goodie bags full of these LED party favors at your next Halloween party- they are sure to be a hit with everyone. Our selection is growing so please check back often...

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