FBL’s Greatest Hits: Party Crafts!

Ahoy, craft mates!  No need to go rummaging around the FBL blog trying to pinpoint your favorite party crafts.  Why…they’re all right here!  And party crafts just ain’t party crafts without affordable bright LED lights.  Am I right or am I right?  (I’m right.)  The following’s in order from Most Fun & Totally Unique to Still Really Cool & Surprisingly Easy.  Take notes, light crafters.  Ready, steady, GO:

Flashing LEDs in a Feather Boa will turn heads like no other.

DIY Flower Bouquet full of color morphing lights, OOOooo!

Fiber Optics added to a Wreath SO cool to hang on the front door before a party.

DIY Tiki Lamp Lights make ya feel like it’s summer year round!

LED King’s Crown for Mardi Gras, costume parties, play productions, you name it.

DIY LED Sign WHICH I’ll re-create next sports game I go to; gonna get on the Jumbotron!

Light Up Gift Basket for Easter fun + great idea for birthday gift baskets too.

LED Hearts for pinning on anything, in this case love notes & greeting cards.

Butterfly Lights helped me make a groovy 60s inspired hippie headband.

Light Up Picture Frame featuring my very own Velvet Elvis, hubba hubba.

LEDs used as Light Up Eyes, very simple & perfect for those planning Halloween parties.

Enjoy, light craft lovahs!  Hit me up if you need any help or tips or pointers.

TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki